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  You cannot miss this party!  

Greetings! Dub Siren HiFi closed out 2014 by having a private session with some heavyweight sets on the sound system. Along with our regular reggae geeks, (Daijin Jah, Culture D, Eithen and Bixby), we were blessed to have wicked selection…Read more

In an effort to produce an event of the highest quality, we have chosen a new date and location Please come down and check out on July 11th Friday at  Fais Do Do! Buy advance tickets here!  

We will fire up our sound system on 7/5 @ Los Globos. Reggae , Dub, Dubstep , Rootstep to Jungle. The dance session will continue until morning! You cannot miss it!

We had a Podcast session at Avocaudio studio , Hollywood California.

  5/23/2014  -  Nice dubby set ,his  first time  appearance in Los Angeles.

Wax Poetics magazine interviewed us.

We are honor to provide our sound system to this epic event.